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El sueño de Hyparco (1988-1998)


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      Characteristic name in the avant-garde Spanish music, with one of the most innovatives and extensive trajectories in the electronic soundscape.

    El sueño de Hyparco is embebed in the dark electronic aesthetic mouvement, so called isolationism. Antonio Dyaz, using the nickname Klaus Böhlmann, was the creator of the band, in 1988, working since then with musiciens like D'Onork Eimert, Manuel García, Julián Aragoneses, Doctor Héctor, Dieter Klanze, Fátima Miranda, Suso Saiz or Luis Delgado. One decade later, Hyparco will sleep for ever...
   El sueño de Hyparco has made performances in places like Madrid (Centro Reina Sofía, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Teatro Pradillo, SGAE, Espacio "P"), Barcelona (SONAR '94), Vigo (Galería Zen& Cia), Santander (Fundación Caja Cantabria), Sevilla (Universidad Politécnica)... In 1993 performs in New York, in a special night focused on instrumental music, during the New Music Seminar.

Whole discography:

- La verdad sobre Lope de Vega y sus contemporáneos (MC, Producciones Hyparco, 1988)

- Ambientes hormonales (LP, Hyades Arts, 1989)


Images like this, obtained from the acid corrossion of slides, were screened during the "Ambientes Hormonales" performances.

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- Música para bosques encantados (MC, Producciones Hyparco, 1990)
- Pirates  (MC, Hyades Arts, 1991)  
The opening of this show was happened in  Espacio "P" (Madrid) during a beautiful concert performed over a stone stairs, lighted with ancient candels... The pirate guy is Morán.

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- If (MC, CD, Hyades Arts, 1993)  
The whole iconography of "If" was build from Durero´s woodcuts. This work explores the darkest side of the electronic music, and converts El sueño de Hyparco in a cult band.

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- The Gallery (CD-WEB,  2000)


The Gallery is the most elaborated and complex  Antonio Dyaz´s work. With deluxe collaborators and a four years production process. Is not possible to understand it out of the Internet context. Fifteen musical worlds from fifteen master works of the universal painting.

The Gallery


- Cuando X se siente herido (CD "Audioscope", Geometrik, 1992)

- Pavana (CD, "Hyades Museum", Hyades Arts,   1993)

- Giga (CD, "Nuevas Músicas", SGAE, 1994)

- The Philipine filibusters / En la cripta (CD, The Sounds Factory, 1994)



- Short film "Platos Combinados", by Jaime Valdueza, 1996



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